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Bodrum is one of the favorite destinations for Sailing, Yacht Charter and Gulet (Gullet), with extraordinary bays in the turkish south west coast.

Bodrum is established upon one of the antique cities of great reknow, "Halicarnassos".

The artifacts in the Bodrum Museum prove to us that this city and its surroundings are approximately 5000 years. Even though the famed historian, Herodotus, wrote that Halicarnassos was established by Dorians (7th .Century, B.C.).

Halicarnassos, after it lived under Karian, Lykian, Persian, Macedonian, Egyptian and Roman sovereignties, was captured by the "Rhodes Knights" in 189 B.C. The city came under Ottoman domination when Kanuni Süleyman (Sultan the Magnificent), in 1522, captured the city along with the island of Rhodes.

Situated in the West of Mugla, within the Gökova and Güllük Bays, Bodrum is one of the most prominent tourism and entertainment centers of the world with its natural, historical and cultural endowments and its highly attractive bohemian way of life. The major local arts include carpet and kilim manufacturing and the building of the special trilandil type of Bodrum trough is an art within itself.

The population of the city, which is 21273 during winter months, increases ten folds during the high tourist season. Other interesting sites on the Bodrum peninsula are: Güvercinlik, Torba, Gölköy (Karyanda), Türkbükü, Gündogan (Farilye), Yalikavak, Gümüslük (Myndos), Kadikalesi (Pedosos), Turgutreis, Akyarlar, Kara incir, Bagla,Yahsi, Ortakent (Water-side), Bitez, Gümbet, Bardakci (Salmakis), Black Island and others.

If it is first time in Bodrum the first site you should visit is the Bodrum Castle. The Castle was built in 98 by the knights of Saint Jean in the 15 th Century B.C. You can see the British, French, Italian and German towers and the underwater archeology museum in the Castle that is a typical example of castle architecture in the Middle Ages.

You will be amply bewildered by the submerged treasures of Gelidonya Burnu (Cape) and Seytan Deresi "Devil's River" in the underwater archeology section of the Museum where archeological remains belonging to all phases of the 5000 year-old civilization are exhibited.

See the Mausoleum and the Antique Theater that was build by Queen Artemis in the 4 th .Century B.C. It is generally known that the original statues of the Mausoleum, that has reknown as one of the ancient world, were taken to the British Museum.



Bodrum city center




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